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Convenient and Dependable Pool Cleaning

Enjoy your pool
Spend more time enjoying your pool by letting the professionals at Landis Pool Service handle your pool cleaning needs. We offer one-time or weekly pool cleaning services, and there are NO contracts for our services. We handle all aspects of your pool cleaning, so you can enjoy a healthy and fresh pool all year long.

Have your pool beautiful all year round!
Regular pool service can be the difference in your pool remaining beautiful year round and having to pay costly repair bills. With our weekly pool cleaning service, you won’t have to worry about the possibility of fixable repairs ballooning into something unmanageable. Our pool service experts are ready to take the stress of pool ownership off your hands so you can just focus on enjoying it. Give us a call today!

What is included in our weekly pool service?

  • Checking and adjusting chemicals
  • Vacuuming pool bottom
  • Brushing pool walls
  • Checking and adjusting pool equipment
  • Skimming pool surface
  • Cleaning tiles
  • Emptying all baskets and skimmer pumps

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